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Polygraph Test

Are polygraph tests accurate in 2020? Do lie detectors work?

There’s a lot of misinformation surrounding polygraph machines (also known as lie detector tests). The process is often misrepresented in the mainstream media, especially when used in film. In reality, professional polygraph examiners don’t consider themselves “lie detectors”. However, experienced examiners like ours (with nearly 30 years of experience) become experts at distinguishing honesty from deception. We can tell you with 80% accuracy or more if a subject is attempting to deceive with their answers.

Polygraph tests are trusted by the U.S. Supreme Court and lower level courts as well. There are various techniques, but the most accurate is the “control question technique”. CQT carries an 87% success rate; nonetheless, it’s critical to understand that a definite decision on truth and lies is not provided. Rather, we can tell you the likelihood that a particular answer was untruthful and if we found the answer to be deceptive.

How does a polygraph or lie detector test work?

Our machines measure how the subject’s body responds to questions on various levels — blood pressure, pulse, breathing, and skin conductivity). An experienced examiner understands the subject’s circumstances and conditions may impact their responses to the questions being asked. With only a few information sources involved in the process, an experienced examiner is critical to the accuracy of interpretation of the test results.

We’re cautious about the questions we ask, the exact phrasing, and order of the questions to keep the exam as controlled as possible.

How much time does a polygraph or lie detector test take?

A minimum of 90 minutes should be expected from a thorough examination. Our highly empathetic polygraph examiners at Orange County Private Investigation are aware that approaching a polygraph machine is a high-stress situation for many subjects. With that in mind, our experts prefer to take their time easing into sensitive subject matter to maintain comfort levels. This technique minimizes arbitrary test results.

Can you take a polygraph or lie detector test while pregnant?

Pregnant women are discouraged from taking polygraph tests (especially during the third trimester).

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